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AECEF/EUCEET 2021 Symposium
CONFERENCE YOUTUBE LINK The role of education for Civil Engineers in the implementation of the SDGs - YouTube    The draft program and Call for Papers of 12 November 2021 joint event addressing UNSDG at Aristotle University of Technology are available. See…
AECEF rewards Innovation and Excellence
AECEF will give awards for Teaching Innovation and Excellence of Civil Engineering at the 2021 Symposium on 12Nov21. See more  
AECEF creates a platform for cooperation
AECEF Board has decided to use a Linkedin platform for mobility exchange and cooperation in projects in Civil Engineering. See more
Election for AECEF Board
At the 2021 General Assembly of AECEF President and Board will be elected. Application for members only. See more
12Nov21 event with 15 speakers in place (also webstreaming) addressing UNSDG hosted by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. See more.
AECEF Board has attributed the award of Teaching Excellence and Innovation to Prof. Alan Kwan, U. Cardiff. See more.
AECEF Board has decided that Prof. Aarne Jutila, Finland will receive the award for AECEF Dedication.  See more.
Elections for AECEF
During 2021 General Assembly of AECEF a new Board and President will be elected. See more.
SEFI newsletter
The publication #172 is available for consultation with the Deans Convention. See more.