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AECEF rewards Innovation and Excellence
AECEF will give awards for Teaching Innovation and Excellence of Civil Engineering at the 2023 Symposium on 19Oct23. See more
AECEF creates a platform for cooperation
AECEF Board has decided to use a Linkedin platform for mobility exchange and cooperation in projects in Civil Engineering. See more
AECEF President and Board
AECEF Board 2021 – 2025 President: Nicolaos Theodossiou Members: Alan Kwan Alfredo Soeiro – Secretary General Cédric D´Mello Ivica Zavrski Michaela Gkantou Michal Jandera Oleg Volotikin Pavel Akimov Piotr Berkowski Radek Kigler…
AECEF Newsflash
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#1 FEANI has published a statement on the homepage about the war in Ukraine. See more. #2 KIVI has published a statement about the war in Ukraine. See more. #3 VDI has placed…
Working session on NEB and the situation in Ukraine
New European Bauhaus (NEB) has a working session on 12Jul22 at 14h CET. See more.
IFEES and Quanser Award
The call for nominations the Quanser Global Sustainability award is being promoted by IFEES. See more.
Proceedings of the 1st Joint Conference EUCEET/AECEF of 12Nov21 are referenced. See more.