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“The Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties (AECEF) was founded on the 14th September 1992. Our previous sites were and and our current site is It was the idea and initiative of Professor Jiří Witzany, CVUT, to create conditions and links for closer cooperation of mainly European universities with Civil Engineering study programmes. It has held ten Symposia in  several places around Europe and has proceedings available for the majority that address topics of interest for Civil Engineering in general and schools and faculties in particular.

The main goals of the Association are:

• Establish conditions for close co-operation among Civil Engineering (CE) faculties, their research workers and teachers, among CE specialists and institutions from different countries;

• Contribute to the dissemination and application of the latest CE research and teaching;

• Support the Europe-wide development and spread of new construction technologies;

• Work toward the exchange of students, teachers and researchers of CE in Europe.

Join AECEF as a member, institutional or individual, sending a message to

Benefits of being a member are, for instance:

– Having access to a guild of CE faculties willing to cooperate and exchange ideas and knowledge;

– Being involved and participating in European funded CE proposals and projects;

– Network with other engineering education and professional organizations;

– Have access to a dedicated database of documents relevant to CE education and research;

– To participate in promotion of CE education and research;

– Collaborate to have visibility of CE and attract students;

– Have the opportunity to discuss CE problems and solutions like related funding;

– Be part of a common platform dedicated to CE education and research;

– Accessing professional development opportunities for CE faculty.

– Have the possibility to participate in the AECEF initiatives about CE pedagogical innovation, CE curriculum development and CE international cooperation.”