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Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building

AECEF member presents short description and information.

Established in 1952, Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building (TSUAB) is located in West Siberia and is one of 7 civil engineering universities in Russia having remarkable impact on the implementation of construction industry strategy in the region. TSUAB provides the full cycle of education from bachelor to postgraduate studies and lifelong learning for nearly 6,500 students with almost a quarter of them coming from abroad. It is a strong center of knowledge, research and expertise in the fields of architecture and civil engineering, building materials, road construction, housing and real estate management, architectural heritage restoration, etc. Many of TSUAB alumni have become the leaders of education and science, accomplished businessmen and capable managers.

TSUAB is strongly engaged in research activities and is home to 17 scientific schools in the fields of energy efficiency, transport, nano- and composite materials, cold climate construction, computer modeling, and others. The university has developed close relations with the local construction industry; the academic staff provide expert, design and scientific services and perform joint projects with major industry companies in the region.

TSUAB sees its mission in developing the best traditions of architecture and civil engineering education and science for training professionals capable of individually and timely acquiring knowledge and approaches for responding to modern challenges; as well as in generating new knowledge aimed to provide dynamic growth of the national construction industry.

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