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World Academy of Art and Science

The president of AECEF, prof. Nikolaos Theodosiou was elected as a fellow of the prestigious “World Academy of Art and Science” (WAAS). The World Academy of Art and Science was founded by eminent intellectuals including Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Bertrand Russell, Joseph Needham, Lord Boyd Orr, and many others. The Academy serves as a forum for reflective scientists, artists, and scholars dedicated to addressing the pressing challenges confronting humanity today independent of political boundaries or limits, whether spiritual or physical – a forum where these problems can be discussed objectively, scientifically, globally, and free from vested interests or regional attachments to arrive at solutions that affirm universal human rights and serve the common good of all humanity. WAAS is founded on faith in the power of original and creative ideas – real ideas with effective power – to change the world.